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Personal Details

  • Full Name: Lee Stuart Rowson
  • Real Address: 213B Gower Road, RD2, Taupiri, 3792
  • Birthdate: 1981/12/27


Contact Details




  • - Bachelor of Science (Major in Computer Science) from the University of Waikato. Learnt C++, Java, Haskell, amongst other languages and computing fundamentals.
  • - Certificate in Electronics.



  • - Over 20 years of experience with Windows (3.1 – 8.1), both as a user and as a maintainer/repairer.
  • - High level proofreading and writing skills.
  • - Patience.
  • - Installed, uninstalled, fixed and modified Microsoft Windows, from Windows 95 through 98, ME, XP, Server 2000 and 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 over the past 15 years.
  • - Worked with major software, including many versions of Office, Antivirus software (Norton, Avast, AVG; installing, uninstalling and fixing).
  • - Worked with Android 2.1 through to 4.3, both on phones and tablets.
  • - Worked with iPhones and iPads and various models of iPod.
  • - Worked with older and hardware, including the Amiga range of computers.
  • - Worked with various remote desktop software, including TeamViewer, Microsoft's Remote Desktop, various incarnations of VNC, and QQ Shared Screen mode.
  • - Worked with a multitude of virtual machines and emulators: VirtualBox, VMWare, WinUAE, QEMU, DOSBox, PCTask, Shapeshifter.
  • - Have built, repaired, upgraded, stripped down and repurposed many computers (desktops and laptops) for myself and others.
  • - Experience with home networks, both wired and wireless, routers, ADSL modems, switches and access points, along with tablets as APs, phones, televisions and media servers and other modern smart appliances.
  • - Worked and fixed modern browsers, and some of the older ones, going back to Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 2.
  • - Worked with a number of video, audio, and image formats, editing, modifying and converting to and from (to name most):
    •   - Hi8, VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, AVI, MKV, WMV, IFF-ANIM, MOV, MP4, as well as all video codecs involved.
    •   - Vinyl, reel-to-reel tape, audio cassette, CD, DVD-Audio (both audio only discs and audio as part of a normal DVD), MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, APE, WAV, IFF-SVX8, as well as all audio codecs involved where not mentioned.
    •   - Photos, negatives, positives, slides, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, IFF.
  • - Git and GitHub.


  • - C++
  • - .Net (C# and VB)
  • - Haskell
  • - HTML 3-5 (along with CSS)
  • - Java
  • - Javascript
  • - PHP
  • - SQL (SQLite, MySQL)


Work History

  • Job: Freelance Computer Technician
    Dates: April 2012 – Present
    Job Description: Mobile Computer Technician, travelling to homes and businesses to repair, upgrade and maintain computers (PCs, tablets and phones) as well as entertainment devices (Televisions, Blu-ray players, etc), along with the network and internet equipment that connects everything together.

  • Job: Freelance Proofreader and Editor
    Dates: January 2014 – Present
    Job Description: Helping people in foreign countries who are learning English, by proofreading and editing their work, and holding discussions on specific topics to help increase their vocabulary and command of English grammar.

  • Job: Farm Worker
    Dates: March 2009 - Present
    Job description: Part time work on the bull farm I live on. It involves taking care of the farm on weekends and whenever the farm manager is away. This mainly involves moving mobs of bulls around the farm to new pasture, mending any fences they may have broken, making sure the bulls are in good health. It has also involved helping during planting of crops, including driving heavy vehicles.

  • Job: Home Caregiver
    Dates: March 2009 – April 2012 (3 years 2 months)
    Job Description: Caregiver for my mother until she died.

  • Job: Freelance Proofreader
    Company: Lee Proofreading
    Dates: November 2008 – March 2009 (5 months)
    Job Description: Self employed as freelance proofreader, focusing especially on proofreading and editing of documents and books written by non-native English speakers.

  • Job: Meter Reader Supervisor
    Company: Wells Instrument and Electrical
    Dates: May 2007 – November 2008 (1 year 7 months)
    Job Description: Organised daily workloads for ~20 meter readers and created methods for more easily assigning and reassigning workloads; reorganised reading rounds to improve efficiency; helped establish procedures for a new meter reading area; dealt with employee enquiries. Maintained and helped roll out new hardware and software for Waikato region of the company.

  • Job: Meter Reader
    Company: Wells Instrument and Electrical
    Dates: 2005 – May 2007 (2 years)
    Job Description: Travelled around the Waikato region reading power and gas meters in rural, residential, industrial and commercial environments. I also did special readings, such as: gas reads for major companies, by downloading the reads onto a laptop using special software, and; local government power and gas meters.


Character Reference

Name: Phil Barton
Phone number: 0275243127
Relationship: computer client and farm employer


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